Tuesday, March 4, 2014


In August of 2009 I designed a sampler quilt called Vicksburg. Prior to publishing it as a pattern and making it available for purchase, I ran it as a Free BOM on my blog. I offered it as a challenge to use only fabric from your stash- no fabric shopping. I followed the challenge as well. I even dyed several background prints to have enough that matched. It was a lot of fun to see everyone's blocks as we sewed along.
One of the quilters that sewed along was Cherie Moore. Cherie finished her quilt and had it quilted by Terri Kanyuk. 
This is Cherie's gorgeous quilt. She entered it to be juried into the AQS show in Paducah. And guess what? It was accepted! How fantastic is that?! I am so excited for her. If you go to the show in April, make sure to look for Cherie's Vicksburg. Cherie also has a blog at - quiltedjonquil.com

Happy Quilting,

Sunday, November 3, 2013


After 9 days and a little over 2000 miles we are home! It has been a fabulous trip. We started out in Houston for International Quilt Market. I debuted 5 new patterns. It was a fantastic Market and the new designs were well received. I can't tell you how grateful I am! It is so good to see your hard work pay off.
This is Rhapsody. It has 13 blocks of Folk Art applique. It is already popping up all over the place as a BOM.
This is Folly. I love this design- it has so much movement. The pillow hanging beside it is a block done in wool.Wool would speed up the process and add so much texture. I would love to find time to do a wool version.
This is Bristol. It is a super easy medallion that features velvet applique accents and some reproduction Dutch Chintz.
This is Ashbey. It is the first in a series of dresser scarf patterns I am doing. All of the designs will finish at 6" x 20 1/2". They all have a ruffled edge and feature wool and velvet applique with a touch of embroidery. These are fast to whip up. Great for gift giving.
The second dresser scarf is on the right. It is called Heart's Desire.
It was pretty busy and I didn't get out of the booth much but we did get to meet up with friends we only see a couple of times a year. I have to say Houston has some of the best food options around and we ate well while we were there. 
The one non- quilt related thing we did was go to the Galleria. If you have never been, it is amazing. The largest mall I have ever seen. It has an ice rink in the center, is 3 stories and features some of the priciest stores you can find. I found a lovely Vuitton bag in eggplant for only $2500. Needless to say it did not come home with me. 
After Market we headed to Rogers, Arkansas for a couple of days at the Rabbit's Lair. If you are ever in the area make sure you stop and see this store. They have a great variety of fabrics, wool, velvet and yarns. The store is in an old pharmacy and boasts all the original fixtures on both floors. The folks who run the store are very friendly and will welcome you. 
Our next stop was Grove Oklahoma where I was lucky to visit the Grand Lake of the Cherokee Quilt Guild. I did a trunk show and workshop with them. I love visiting guilds. They have some really talented quilters in their group. 
So that is what I have been up to. Now I am trying to get caught up around home. If you are interested in any of the new patterns I will have them up in the online store by tomorrow. 
Happy Quilting,
Patterns are now posted in the online store- www.linenclosetdesigns.bigcartel.com

Monday, October 7, 2013

Where The Heck is The Winner??!!

I am sure you are all wondering where I am with the name of the winner. I have been living and breathing quilting for this quilt and pattern writing. Not much else. If you are going to be in the Rogers Arkansas area at the end of the month I will be teaching two classes on Halloween at The Rabbit's Lair. Big Stitch Quilting and a new pattern that features wool and velvet applique. I will also have all my new stuff from Quilt Market on display the day before. Anyway---- the winner of a one year subscription to Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine is- Ferne from Sew Sweet Thymes. Ferne please email me you mailing address and I will send it on to the girls at Prim. Q & P so they can get your subscription going. Thanks to all who played along. Now back to quilting. I am officially half done!
Happy Quilting, Dawn

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Primitive Quilts and Projects

Here we are at the end of September already! The winter issue of Prim. Quilts and Projects will be shipping out mid October. This issue will have the last part of my series quilt- Somerset in it. How many of you are making this or plan to make it?

How many of you do not have a subscription but would like one?

How many of you have a subscription but would love a renewal?

Leave me a comment telling me your favorite type of quilt- applique, pieced or a combo and you can go in the drawing for a Free Years Subscription to Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine!
The cut off date is September 28 at 8:00 pm. Tell everyone!

Happy Quilting, Dawn

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Catching Up!

I have been reminded that I have not posted in a while. I have been meaning to but....

1. It has been really hot here. Highs in the upper 90's with heat index in the 100's and I found myself spending extra time in the pool. Lazy, right?

2. Our garden has been going crazy so I have had a ton of canning to do along with normal house stuff. Canning is a huge time suck. I will be happy this winter though when I can go to the pantry for peaches and tomatoes, jams and relish.

3. I spent a couple of days in Cape Girardeau with the River Heritage Quilt Guild. I did a trunk show and two workshops. Visiting guilds is one of my favorite parts of this job.  I felt like a member of the guild as soon as I walked in the door. What a friendly and welcoming group! I hope to see this group again for sure.

4. See the photo above. The airbags in my car malfunctioned last Wednesday morning. I bumped- just barely bumped a car at a stop sign. Didn't even leave a scratch on my car and the airbags deployed! Blew out the windshield and did about $5000 worth of damage- all from the airbags. It also burned my hand very badly.
Now- a week later it is looking better but is very painful to use. Which makes quilting hard to do.

5. Which leads to me my biggest task- getting ready for Market. I have been working around the clock and am not sure I will get everything done that I wanted to. I have two big quilts that are all applique and that I plan to hand quilt. Along with the other things for Market. I should have one ready for binding today. The other I still have about 1/4 of the applique to finish before the quilting starts. I have another quilt all quilted and bound and two small projects finished.  I always underestimate how long things will take. I am doing big stitch which is soooo much faster. But the hand slows things way down.

This is a peek at Rhapsody.I am quilting a 2" grid over this entire quilt. It measures 74" x 78" and is all folk art applique. The center block measures 32" x 36" and I can't wait to show you. I really love this one. I hope you will too.

Soooo now you know what has been going on with me. I will have some photos soon. As we get closer to Market I will have more to share. It's kind of hard to post when I can't show what I am working on.

Now I better get going. I have to finish the quilting with my slow hand and then I have to go car shopping!
Happy Quilting,

Thursday, August 1, 2013


I picked this up on Pat Sloan's blog- patsloan.typepad.com. I thought it would be kind of fun to play along. So here is what I am:
Watching- OK- I know I am going to catch a lot of flak but I am watching Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Sad but true. I never, never watch reality anything but I am addicted to this. The new season just got going. It is like a bad train wreck- horrible and yet you can't look away.

Reading- I am a voracious reader! I just finished The Kitchen House and Wednesday's Sisters. I liked the Kitchen House. It deals with slavery so some of it is pretty sad but was a good story. The ending seemed rather rushed. Wednesday's Sisters was a great story of 5 women's friendships starting in the mid 1960s. I really liked this book. I am super glad I was not a woman trying to make a life and living around that time. I would have wound up in jail! It was ridiculous the way women were treated as inferior to men. Anyway there is a follow up book called Wednesday's Daughters that is next on my list.

Listening- Right now I am listening to baby kittens running up the stairs. A common sound in my house.

Making- I making quilts for fall market. I have three quilts in various stages of completion. Lots of applique.

Feeling- Sleepy. I woke up tired and have some sinus stuff going on. Gonna have to hit the caffeine hard!

Planning- I am planning my next book. As I told you it is a fall themed book. I am a fall and Halloween freak so I am really looking forward to this book. Lots of ideas floating around.

Loving- Kettle Cooked Jalapeno chips. I am seriously addicted to these. I can't let myself buy a full size bag because I will sit and eat the entire bag. It is a problem!

What are you doing?
Happy Quilting,

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

American Patchwork & Quilting Radio

Hello All!
I wanted to take a minute to let you know that next Monday, Aug. 5, I will be a guest on the American Patchwork & Quilting radio show with Pat Sloan. I am super excited! I have been a follower of the magazine and the radio show for years so I was thrilled when Pat asked me if I would be interested in being on the show. The show will air live at 4pm eastern but the podcast will be available after that on the website. If you have not listened to the show before pop over and check out all you have been missing. There are many past shows on the site- the perfect thing to listen to while you stitch. You can get to the page HERE.

Happy Quilting,

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Big Stitch Update

I get lots of questions about the big stitch method of quilting. I did a post on the subject HERE. You can read that post and I will add a few things here today.  When I did the original post I was still using a regular quilting hoop. Since then I have broken down and spent the money to buy a Morgan hoop. It is heaven! I knew it would be but I am super cheap and the one I had worked.

I quilt for hours at a time and that means that after a while my shoulders and neck kill me from scrunching over the quilt. The Morgan hoops help with that a lot. You can see it is double hoop. Mine is 14" on one end which I use the most and the other end is 10" which is nice for smaller projects. There are little legs that connect the two and create a stand. That is the great part of the design. The stand supports the weight of the quilt while bringing it closer to you and eliminating the sore neck and shoulders from holding the quilt and scrunching. This is especially nice on big quilts. The size I have retails for around $55 and for a cheap-o like me that was a stumbling block. Let me tell you what though, I am so happy I got it. The quilt I am working on has been so much easier to handle with this hoop and I am hooked.
I mark my quilts mostly with the Clover blue washout markers. They are easy to draw with and the lines don't rub off. I don't usually (never) mark the whole quilt in advance. For one thing I am too impatient and for another I don't want the lines on there for any longer than necessary. I mark a section at a time and then remove the lines. My friend Shirley Beckett gave me a great tip for this. Keep a small container of water and some q-tips handy. You can dip the Q-tip in the water and rub the lines right off as you go along.  I find that this works great. Shirley is very smart.
I don't own a lot of quilting stencils. I mostly make them from layers of freezer paper or cardboard. For this quilt I quilted circles over the square blocks. Curving lines complement geometric piecing. Also if your square is not perfectly square it is not as noticeable as if you did 1/4" outline or 1/4" inside. The tan border was kind of plain so I am quilting diamonds on it which adds some interest.
I use Valdani pearl cotton for my quilting. I love it. It comes in a million different colors and is colorfast. It also provides hours of enjoyment for wayward kittens. I tend to use the variegated pearl cotton exclusively. I love the variation in color and I think it really adds something to the look of the quilting. I use size 8 the most often but if I am doing something that I want to be a little finer or more heavily quilting I use the 12. Big stitch creates a lot of texture so you can use a color that blends with the background and still get a lot of impact. Or you can use a contrasting color that adds to the overall design. Eggplant is a color that is repeated through out this quilt but in very small amounts. I used an eggplant thread to quilt. It blends nicely with all the prints and adds interest to the tan open areas. Stitch size is not as important as consistency. My stitches vary in size from project to project depending on the look I want. Obviously you wouldn't want big 1/2" stitches but there is no set rule. Just keep the stitches even and consistent. I usually load 2-3 stitches on my needle at a time. That is a pretty good number to keep things even. If I am doing fine hand quilting I usually load around 7 stitches at a time. I use a #22 or #24 Chenille needle.
I think between the old post and this I have covered most of the questions I am asked. If not leave a comment or shoot me an email. My friend Ann is trying to convince me to do some videos. Maybe we will do one on this if there is enough interest.
Happy Quilting, Dawn

Monday, July 8, 2013

Somerset Part 3

In the next week or two this should be showing up in your mailboxes, if you subscribe that is. I can't imagine why you wouldn't. Personally I think this is one of the top 3 magazines for quilters out there. Just my opinion.
Anyway, this issue will have part 3 of my Somerset medallion. Are you making this quilt? It is a fairly easy quilt to make and with the 4 part format it makes it easy to stay on top of it time-wise.
This installment you will be making some quick to applique compass blocks and piecing simple chain blocks.
This block belongs to Judy Williamson. She is one of the three sisters that form Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine. Judy is making Somerset and is going to post her progress on the Primitive Q&P blog. We would love to see your version if you are making the quilt. Send your photos to me or the girls at the magazine and we will share!

I got a couple of good blog suggestions from some of you and will be putting out some posts soon. A post on big stitch is coming up next.
Happy Quilitng, Dawn